Mike Kim

Comedian & Podcast Host of The Set Breaker

Mike Kim is a standup comedian and actor who grew a 550,000 subscriber following across his social media channels through authentic expression and vulnerability (Though he is also rumored to have told a few jokes along the way. Reports vary).

In a world that rewards people for putting on masks, Mike discovered how to use the internet to overcome his own crippling insecurities. At the same time he learned how to build confidence and develop a strong sense of self. He now uses his platform to teach people his powerful techniques through laughter, motivation, inspiration, self-reflection, and deep knee bends - all with the aim of helping people embrace themselves and transform their weaknesses into strengths.

3:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Saturday 9th Jul

Put Yourself Out There

  • Be as vulnerable as possible
  • How being authentic protects your mental health as a public figure and how that helps you in the long game
  • Embrace yourself and build confidence through social media, instead of letting it tear you down.
  • Promote authenticity and be yourself.
  • Q&A